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Is The Vintage Collection Morgan Elsbeth a “Rosetta Stone” Figure?

Posted by Chris on 11/16/23 at 07:05 AM Category: Vintage Collection

If you watched the Last Figure Standing Launch Party livestream, Jayson from Yak Face has Asajj Ventress in his 10 most wanted figures. He further indicates that some of the tooling from the recent Morgan Elsbeth could be used to make it happen:

Internally, I was doing this:

Chris Pratt

When the biggest problem facing the Vintage Collection is that we all want more (so long as the figures are up to today's standards), being able to pivot brand new tooling to give us additional figures without any jarring inaccuracies is something that truly gets my juices flowing. The Imperial Officer buck has me pining for no less than a dozen future releases (for which I'm already getting impatient). I wish Hasbro would crank out some more Bespin Security Guards led by Corman Jeihn. Same goes for Rebel Pilots.

I started looking at the Morgan Elsbeth figure and noticed that, for lack of a better word, the cummerbund section is a separately tooled piece. Moreover, the figure actually has two waist joints. It swivels both above and below this cummerbund section. Why would Hasbro do this? I think the answer is obvious, and that it's to be able to marry this lower body tooling to other sculpts. Meesa like this. I would certainly be thrilled if we got an Asajj Ventress via this Morgan Elsbeth sculpt, but what really revs my engine is when this type of tooling is used to bring us more obscure characters that would never get budgeted otherwise, such as the recent Velken Tezeri and Taym Dren-garen.

Recently Hasbro brought us a couple of skirted characters (Bib Fortuna and Tessek) that took some liberties with the tooling below the waist because we fans don't really have a picture of what's going on under the character's kilt on-screen. So, aside from Asajj Ventress, I started thinking of a few more obscure female characters that could leverage the Elsbeth lower body tooling. First:

Aunt Beru

Aunt Beru (as well as Uncle Owen) is sorely in need of an update, but the odds of that figure getting budgeted on its own are virtually zero. Perhaps now it can happen, but that's not obscure enough. Even the more devoted casual fans would easily recognize Aunt Beru. Do you wanna get nuts?

Let's get nuts, Jack:


If Hasbro could use this tooling to bring as a Holiday Special Ackmena, I'd think I died and went to heaven. By the way, Ackmena is getting decent representation in the Last Figure Standing polling. I doubt she'll crack the Top 10, but it's more votes than I ever would have expected. You guys rock!

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