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Thank The Maker:  HasLab Launch Livestream Tomorrow

Posted by Chris on 06/06/24 at 07:05 AM Category: Vintage Collection, HasLab

As we all know, the next Vintage Collection HasLab was supposed to launch on May the 4th of this year. Then at virtually the last minute, the HasLab was delayed. I was personally crestfallen. I know I've used this comparison several times now, but I said the disappointment would be like finding out that Christmas was delayed indefinitely on December 24th when you were a kid. And it was that "indefinite" part that was the true dagger. If some future date were set, I'm mature enough to play the waiting game, but it was quite clear that Hasbro couldn't even offer a "when.” I'm not condemning them for that. I've had similar situations in my professional life, and it's not fun. I'm just saying that the not knowing was killing me.

But now, thankfully, we have a date:

Most of us know what this HasLab will be due to the page erroneously going live before it's intended time. What you may or may not know is that it also went live for a beat over this past weekend. We don't dabble in leaks here (and that is not meant to cast shade on anyone who does). Just saying that the lane we skate is the "no leaks" one. So I'm not going to discuss any of the details here until they are official. I will just say that I've seen the whole thing, and my excitement level is at an 11 out of 10. As many of you know, I've been pondering my collecting mortality on here a lot lately. I can't keep collecting at this pace forever. I'll run out of room. I won't ever stop collecting completely, but the days of "three of everything, and sometimes more" have to come to a close at some point. But I'd want to exit on a high collecting note.

This upcoming HasLab checks so many boxes for me that I truly believe it will be the zenith of my adult collecting. If it backs, I don't think anything has or will come close to the collecting euphoria that I will feel, to include the Barge. If there is to be a jumping off point for my Uber-completism, this may very well be it. It's a true dream project for yours truly. I can't wait until tomorrow when we can discuss it more openly.

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