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* Bantha Skull is compensated for any purchases made through these Ebay links.
* Bantha Skull is compensated for any purchases made through these Ebay links.
Review by: Chris
Review date: 05/31/2024

Just look at image number 3.  10 out of 10.  Thank you everyone.  You’ve been great!  Be kind to your server.  Wait a second.  Nomad is calling me into the other room. ... Okay, apparently I won’t get paid for this if I don’t write more about the figure.  Also, I don’t get paid for this.

So I would not call myself a Rebels fan.  I enjoyed the show, but I appreciated it for what it is.  It’s a kids show with the commensurate amount of cringe.  I have a go to example of what I mean.  This Stormtrooper fires and manages to miss Ezra:

Rebels Stormtrooper

Like Jordan’s six championships when comparing him to LeBron, that screen shot above is the only argument I need to make.  It’s virtually a contact shot, yet he misses.  That’s the epitome of kid show cringeworthiness.  To further cement my status in the He-Man Rebels-Hater club, I wrote THIS ARTICLE when it was announced in 2017 that the Vintage Collection was coming back.  In it, I list the five things I DID NOT want to see in the Vintage Collection, and you guessed it, Rebels figures was one of them.  It’s one of the few times I got bonafide hate mail.

What you have to understand is that was the sentiment at the time.  We didn’t know how long the Vintage Collection would last, and there were so many higher priority items that the thought of precious mainline slots going to a kids cartoon felt like a dagger to the heart.  I also said I didn’t want a Jaxxon figure at the time, and now I’d be happy to get one.  When that article was written, The Vintage Collection was sucking major league hind teat on Rogue One figures, and there was a laundry list of OT figures that needed attention.  Fast forward six years, and the Vintage Collection is still going strong.  While we’re still waiting on some updates to the mains, I did get a lot of my personal wish list checked off.  To name a few: Yak Face, Klaatu, Tessek, Vedain, Taym Dren-garen, Velken Tezeri, Boba Fett, Ep VI Vader, Princess Leia, etc., etc.  Of course we’re still waiting on Baze Malbus, Bohdi Rook,  and a host of other Rogue One figures.

So while I dreaded the notion of Rebels figures in 2017, their priority seems very appropriate in 2024.  Moreover, even though I personally wouldn’t have cared if the subject were never tapped for TVC, many of you do, and that’s important.  We need to keep as many fans engaged as possible.  So for that reason, I’m happy these figures are finally getting made.  Robust sales are good, having our personal passion projects pegwarm isn’t.  There’s another aspect to this with which I think many of us identify.  As toy collectors, we can sometimes appreciate figures even if we’re only lukewarm about the subject matter.  I also wouldn’t consider myself a fan of Episode II (in its entirety) either, but my Attack of the Clones display with its cornucopia of Jedi is one of my favorites in my collection.  With most Star Wars prior to 2017, even if I’m not a fan of the work as a whole, there are parts that lift my Star Wars spirit.  Rebels certainly qualifies in that regard.  It has its fair share of cringe, but there are some very high highs as well.

So to reiterate, I can disassociate the media from the toys, so long as they are good, and this Kanan Jarrus isn’t good.  It’s great. The gag at the top of this review embodies the notion that all jokes have a ring of truth to them.  I really do think that all I need to do is let the pictures do the talking.  What else do I need to say?  This Kanan poses like a breeze particularly in the arms, which is a huge relief.  We saw a regression in the pose-ability of figures last year.  Hopefully this release confirms a reversal of that trend.  As a swordsman, realistic two-handed fighting poses are critical, and I was not let down by this figure in that regard one bit.  If I had one gripe it is that the belt on my sample tended to pop out leaving a gap where the belt’s peg would plug into the figure’s…well…right where the top of the zipper would be.  You can see it clearly in image 8 above.  Since that’s very easy to remedy, it doesn’t threaten the 10 out of 10 score in the least.

This figure of Old Man Dume is instantly one of the favorites for figure of the year.  Jacen’s parents may take that title two years in a row.  Finally, this Kanan Jarrus confirms that cartoon-based figures should be done in a realistic style.  Look at the comparison shot with the silly, cartoony figure.  It’s all silly and cartoony in comparison.

* Bantha Skull is compensated for any purchases made through these Ebay links.
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