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* Bantha Skull is compensated for any purchases made through these Ebay links.
* Bantha Skull is compensated for any purchases made through these Ebay links.
Review by: Bret
Review date: 11/20/2023

Jersey Juice!

It’s a broken record, but TVC suffers when figures exist in a vacuum or near-vacuum.  I completely understand that it is most likely Disney’s secrecy that prevents Hasbro from blasting out a bunch of characters from new media in a timely fashion.  It’s probably a minor miracle that I have this figure in hand today, not too long after the Ahsoka season one finale.  Yes, technically we have Ahsoka herself, although that’s just a re-carding/re-branding of VC222 sourced from The Mandalorian.  Thrawn is in this wave, but the sculpt and branding is based on a realistic interpretation of his Rebels appearance.  And yes, we did get the HK-87 Assassin Droid as well (I hadn’t opened mine at the time I took the pic), so it’s not a complete loss.  And to be completely fair, some of the important characters have been pipelined, and surely a few more will follow at some point in the next year or so.  But a complete wave (or two) of the main characters by now would have been something we’d expect to happen in yesteryear, possibly even before the show actually debuted.  So in image 12 of the gallery above, I had some fun filling out my temporary Ahsoka lineup, since it’s a pretty meager showing so far.  Yeah, it’s a little harsh, but I had fun with it anyway. 

To illustrate this lack of context, you really can’t do much with this Morgan Elsbeth right now.  Both “diorama” shots in the gallery above are screen inaccurate.  The pairing of Elsbeth and Thrawn is probably closest to reality, but this wasn’t intended to be the Lars Mikkelson version of the character, so the shot is technically anachronistic.  And of course the shot of the duel with Ahsoka is meant to be from The Mandalorian, but is wrong because the outfit Morgan wore on Corvus was different than the one she wore later on (and the beaker spear is borrowed from a different figure).  Now I didn’t take the time to find any scenes in Ahsoka, so it’s possible that this figure should be flanked by the HK-87 droid that was included in this wave, but I just remember them fighting Ahsoka herself in the first episode, and then later went with Shin Hati to find Sabine.  So I honestly don’t recall them being on screen with Elsbeth, but I suspect they were, at least for a few frames of screen time.  Bottom line, this figure is basically standalone.

Last week Chris wrote that Morgan Elsbeth could be a “Rosetta Stone” figure in that it could unlock future releases of female figures based on potential of tooling re-use.  When I first saw the headline prior to proofreading the article, I thought it was going to be more about the figure unlocking future Ahsoka-sourced releases.  I certainly hope that is the case. 

As for the figure itself, it’s pretty great, with a few flaws.  To start, the sculpt is outstanding.  The face is a great likeness to Diana Lee Inosanto.  The separately sculpted hair and PhotoReal tech work together to perfection.  The figure appears to be all new, with no re-used parts that I can tell.  The sculpting details in the clothing are well done, as are the minimal, but effective, paint applications.  The articulation isn’t of the “ultimate” variety, but it’s close.  The most glaring omission is the lack of ball jointed wrists, which seems to be a thing with the thinner female sculpts.  Also, as Chris has often lamented, there seems to be a little bit of backsliding on the range of motion of some joints.  Neither the elbows nor the knees can bend past 90 degrees. It’s amazing how many more realistic poses you can coax out of a figure when those points of articulation go past 90.  The torso is ball jointed, but doesn’t do much.  This may be a result of the “cummerbund” piece, which Chris wrote about last week in the aforementioned article as a possible indicator that this sculpt may have multiple planned uses down the road.  And the feet, while they are of the rocker variety, do not perform meaningful dorsiflexion.  Yes, I wrote that word.  I knew there had to be an SAT-caliber word for the foot flexing upward, so I Googled it.  Wanna fight about it?  The soft goods skirt is beautifully executed, and does not hinder the range of motion of the hips.  For a figure that mostly just stands there, it’s amazing.  If you want to coax some action out of it, it suffers a bit.

But here’s where I feel Hasbro (or more likely, Disney) failed.  This figure should have come with an alternative head sculpt depicting Elsbeth’s turn into a full blown Witch (or whatever happened to her) and included the Blade of Talzin, which she used to fight Ahsoka (who, for the record, was dressed as Ahsoka the White at time of the duel - a figure we obviously don’t have).  I assume that Hasbro must be at least considering the possibility of releasing the witchy variant at some point down the line.  The inclusion of those two items here with VC295 would have made this figure a 10/10.  However, the lack of any accessory as well as the somewhat disappointing articulation knock this figure down to an 8.  It’s still an outstanding and beautifully done figure, it just has no aura of fun or excitement for me right now. Maybe that will change when she gains some friends with whom to share shelf space.

* Bantha Skull is compensated for any purchases made through these Ebay links.
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