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No Content Today Because My Brain Is Broken

Posted by Chris on 11/21/23 at 07:05 AM Category: Site News, Vintage Collection, Last Figure Standing

I really wanted to have Darth Revan photographed for today, but I needed to spend my time after work cleaning the data for Last Figure Standing. Our late start means we had to keep a very aggressive schedule through this phase. This process has taken me 25 hours, but the Top 10 is set (but I aint tellin'). You'll have to tune in this Saturday to find out what they are. It was insanely close. Only 5 votes separate the 10th and 11th spots. I've learned the answers to so many questions, such as, "is it possible for 1500 people to spell the same word 400 hundred different ways?" The answer is yes. Yes it is. Well done.

Also, next year we need to instruct people that more isn't always more. There were some submissions that reminded me of this:

I don't need a plot synopsis to figure out that you mean Office Duel Palpatine.

There's still over 4,000 entries to clean, but I scanned through all of them before quitting tonight, and none of the entries will change the Top 10 (they won't even change the top 30), so I can take my time with those over the next month. The hard part is over. Thank the maker it's over. The fun can begin, but for now, I need to get some sleep.

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