Review by: Chris
Review date: 01/31/2013

We here at Bantha Skull are particularly fond of the Vintage Collection Weequay figure because it was first announced here when the Q&A was still active (boy we miss the Q&A).  Okay enough of the self congratulatory crap, lets play the Feud! 

I honestly don’t know where to begin because there is so much to discuss here.  I guess I’ll begin with a disclaimer.  I always try to be honest about my biases with you, the reader.  Even if I don’t consciously realize that my opinions are prejudiced, I want you to be aware of the potential.  The first 30 minutes of Return of the Jedi is my favorite 30 minutes in motion picture history.  Bar none.  I’m thrilled when we get any Jabba related figures.  Keep that in mind as you continue to read. 

So I think I’m largely misunderstood amongst the collecting community when I discuss my collecting priorities.  When the Weequay Skiffmaster was announced, I wasn’t as overjoyed as you might expect considering the previous paragraph.  For me it’s a matter of priority.  This Weequay, who is named Queequeg in some circles, is the most prominent skiff guard in my opinion.  Despite that, we were stuck with the god awful Power of the Force rendition for 15 years!  So while I was happy to get the Weequay Skiffmaster, I felt it was the equivalent of the proverbial lipstick on a pig.  As long as the POTF abomination was at the front of our prisoner skiff displays, I was not going to be thrilled with that particular set of figures.

That’s a long way of saying, this figure was long overdue, and now that it’s been released, we can get down to the business of completing the prisoner skiff ensemble.  We’re now two figures away.  Hopefully 2013 will bring us the skiff driver Vedain and the human skiff guard Velken Tezeri.  I really appreciate it when Hasbro completes a subset.  When it goes on too long, the figure technology, scale and aesthetic can change to the point where displays look inconsistent.  Lets get this done!

Now onto the card.  Hasbro seems to lack consistency when it comes to the name pills on the Vintage Collection.  In this case it may be good or bad depending on your perspective.  You see somewhere along the way Weequay was determined to be a species and not a character name.  This character has been named Queequeg.  I assume that was done by a Moby-Dick loving Decipher employee, but I could be making that up.  In other examples of figures with vintage analogs that have received newer modern names for the purpose of continuity, the new name is featured in the pill with a parenthetical reference to the Kenner designation (see Orrimaarko from this same wave).  I like consistency, so I would have preferred that this figure adhered to this Vintage Collection standard and used Queequeg (Weequay Skiff Guard) for the name pill.  If you prefer an exact replica of the Kenner card, you will be happy with the simple “Weequay” that Hasbro chose for this figure.

So onto the figure.  You already know it’s great.  14 points of articulation with ball joints where it’s absolutely required (shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles).  The detailing on the costume, head and braids is great.  The head itself being particularly expressive.  One bit of detail we seem to have lost at the end of the Vintage Collection is the paint apps on the weapons.  Previous releases of the DL-18 blaster and the Vibro Axe have come with silver highlights.  Those are now gone and the accessories are unpainted.  It’s a bit of a bummer.  Not enough to swing the rating needle one way or the other though.  The only thing that does take this figure down a peg is the unpainted joints.  The obvious gray knee and ankle joints can be a bit distracting (particularly the knees).  That keeps this figure from getting a perfect ten score.  9 out of 10.

Boy, I’m sitting here imagining how awesome it would be to have this figure in the skiff right outside a big Sail Barge toy with a button that will play Jabba’s booming voice instructing Queequeg to “put him in” in Huttese. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

9/10 Bantha Skulls

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