Emperor's Royal Guard
Review by: Chris
Review date: 02/09/2013

Okay, after looking at the pics what more do you need to know.  This figure is largely fantastic.  It’s one of the rare Hasbro two-fers.  With this one figure, you get to recreate the classic Emperor’s Royal Guard as well as a Crimson Empire-esque / Kir Kanos-esque Royal Guard. What’s not to love?

What really strikes me is that Hasbro could have taken the easy way out and reissued the Senate Guard figure from the Attack of the Clone wave in red.  That figure does not have ankle articulation and is a retool of the Royal Guard figure(s) from the Revenge of the Sith line.  If they had done that, we all would have been satisfied.  Instead Hasbro pulled out all the stops and gave us this amazing new figure (at least I think it’s all new).  The accessory count on this figure is off the charts as you might expect when two distinct character can be recreated with one figure. 

I do have on point deduction worthy complaint about the figure.  The Toy Fair pictures show this figure with a vibrant red robe.  The final version has a more muted and rose tinted red.  It’s a minor disappointment, but enough to knock down another would be ten out of ten figure one point.  9 out of 10.

9/10 Bantha Skulls

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