Review by: Bret
Review date: 02/13/2018

The “Armor Up” sub-line is basically overpriced nonsense.  This, of course, could also be said about the 5POA line in general.  But with this silliness, Hasbro doubled the price of a figure with the justification that it now comes with a super duper, totally awesome battle helmet!  Yeah!  RUMSFELD!

Believe it or not, I’m not sure if I completely hate this figure.  Yes, it’s stupid.  Yes it’s overpriced.  But compared to the other 2 armor up figures I’ve reviewed so far (Flametrooper and Poe) this one is practically a masterpiece.  HAHAHAHA!  But, no, I understand that this is bad.

First of all, when I opened the package, I assumed this was a repack of the FN-2187 basic figure.  But, surprisingly, it isn’t.  Finn has a resculpted body, which has the white chest armor as a removable piece.  It’s somewhat reminiscent of the old Phase I Clone Trooper with removable armor.  The difference here is that it is only the chest armor that can be removed.  The rest of the figure is permanently stormtroopery.  It gives you the ability to display Finn the moment he left the TIE crash site on Jakku, and removed his chest armor, but before he took off his arm or leg armor.  It was an iconic moment, and Hasbro has given you, the hardcore collector, the ability to immortalize it on your shelf.

Ok, so that aside, the figure itself is a stormtrooper with a Finn head.  Finn grips his included blaster, or it can click into the built in hip holster.  He stands sturdily.

Now, the helmet contraption is terrible but neat at the same time.  I’m not saying it’s $15 neat, I’m just saying.  The multiple pieces allow for a few configurations.  Unfortunately the helmet itself is very silly, and it would have been better if it succeeded as a standalone helmet.  Clearly it’s got a totally different look, so you’d have to pretend it’s a completely different model, like a First Order Commando.  At first, I thought the contraption as a whole was going to be complete nonsense, but actually, when it’s all set up, I kind of like the trooper with the shoulder mounted Gatling gun, reminiscent of Predator.

Nevertheless, I feel the same about the Gatling gun as Augie Farks feels about Coke:

Thanks, Augie, although I disagree with your position on Coke, which is the single greatest product ever made by humankind.  I will not argue this.

So, after all that, it’s still crap.  $15 for a 5POA with a helmet thing is inexcusable.  I feel that there was some unrealized potential here.  The figure could have included a realistic Stormtrooper helmet instead of the Frankenstein version that is included.  It could have had a full set of removable armor.  The Armor could have been white, or grey, or black, or something that could have looked like this might have been a real bad-ass Commando or whatever.  I admit there’s something charming about this particular effort, but in the end, you probably should avoid this like the Knicks avoid championships during my lifetime.


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3/10 Bantha Skulls
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