Admiral Ackbar
Review by: Bret
Review date: 02/07/2018

This seemed to be one of the harder TFA basic figures to have come by.  I mean, who doesn’t love Admiral Ackbar?  Clearly, demand for this figure skyrocketed after he was shamelessly murdered by Rian Johnson, further fleecing our childhoods, and amassing the collective dreams of every lobster on Earth and violently dashing them against the jagged rocks that litter the beaches of hopelessness.

Ackbar had a very small role in The Force Awakens, but most fans enjoyed the appearance.  At that time, he had apparently earned the title of Grand Admiral, when he came out of retirement to join The Resistance.  Hasbro left off the “Grand” part on the figure’s card.  It’s obvious that Hasbro is racist against non-humans that are grand, because they did the same thing with The Grand Inquisitor.  They had no problem giving the title to that old human guy, Grand Moff Tarkin.  It’s probably for the best that we’ll never see a figure of Grand Vizier Mas Amedda.  In case you didn’t notice, Ackbar had a different outfit in The Last Jedi, so this figure is unique to TFA, for whatever that’s worth.  For the record, I had to get this Ackbar off Ebay, and he’s typically not very cheap.  I guess there’s a lot of nostalgia for him, especially now that he’s dead, after Leia selfishly saved herself, but couldn’t be bothered with projecting a Force Bubble or whatever around a few of her fellow members of High Command that had remained so loyal to her even after they learned she was Darth Vader’s daughter. His last thought was probably “I’m proud that this ship is called Raddus, but will anyone be left to remember who I am and name a ship after me?”  Ackbar should have stayed retired, and enjoyed his last years swimming through some murky seawater, foraging through fish detritus and whale poo like Mon Cals probably liked to do.

Despite the fact that the figure is 5POA, it’s pretty good looking.  The uniform is nicely colored with very little paint overspray or edge bleeding.  There is even a welcome texture sculpted into the fabric of the tunic.  The sculpt is right on, with a particularly nice effort going into the head.  The details on the face, and especially the “jowls” are very well done.  The skin is painted in an expertly subtle mottled way that is very realistic looking.  The eyes bring a lot of personality to the figure.  The hands are painted with a lot of depth.

The figure is 5POA, but Hasbro opted to forego a swivel or ball-jointed neck, and instead give us an articulated mouth.  I first saw this feature when I acquired the Admiral Raddus figure from the Rogue One line, but obviously the TFA figure predates that one.  It’s a pretty neat feature.  While one might bemoan the lack of an articulated neck, the fact that you can recreate “It’s a trap!” simply by quickly tapping the right and left arrow keys to go back and forth between image 8 and 9 in the gallery above is a great time waster. 

The arms and legs move as expected.  Gial Ackbar (wait, does that rhyme with “dial” or “real’...and is it a hard or soft “G”?) comes with a large Resistance blaster which he can use to threaten other members of the High Command while screwing around on the bridge.  He holds the weapon a bit loosely in his right hand.  Ackbar also comes with a stupid shoulder thing. That’s what it is.  A shoulder thing that is stupid. 

The figure is above average for the line.  It’s a great sculpt with great paint applications.  The mouth articulation is neat.  For nostalgia reasons, I’ll give it a 5.

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5/10 Bantha Skulls
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