Snowtrooper Officer &
Poe Dameron
Review by: Bret
Review date: 02/04/2018

This set is amazing.  It’s got two figures that collectors have been dying for.  Serendipitously, these figures manage to relieve us collectors of having to deal with 2 more characters from Rogue One.  Who wants that crap?  Not me!  I doubt anyone would have wanted a Tarkin, or a Leia, or a DS gunner, or General Merrick, or any other nonsense from Rogue One.

Hasbro saved us from that misery, and gave us another First Order Snowtrooper so that we can continue to army build our hearts out with these troopers featured so prominently and iconically in The Force Awakens.  Personally, I didn’t think that the 3 previous snowtrooper variants were enough, but this 4th one is a master stroke by Hasbro.  In an effort to confound scalpers and the secondary market in general, Hasbro wisely named this “Snowtrooper Officer” so that the uneducated masses would not think there was a difference between an officer pauldron, an NCO pauldron, or an enlisted pauldron. Clearly, Hasbro was using code to let collectors know that they understood exactly what we wanted.

But Hasbro didn’t rest on its laurels with the first figure. They also gave us another Poe Dameron figure in an outfit that most people barely even remember from the The Force Awakens.  But knowing how much collectors love background characters, aliens, or outfits that existed for 3 frames or less, they gave us this figure instead of anything else.  It was a clear signal that Hasbro remembers that grand time when such a figure would be in high demand.  House Mormont remembers!  The North Remembers!  Hasbro Remembers!

Anyway, this set sucks.  It’s another snowtrooper repack, with the exception of the repainted pauldron.  It’s a horrible Poe figure that looks more like Eugene Levy than Oscar Isaac. It also may win the award for “Closest Attempt to Reproduce a POTF2-style Figure.”  It’s just a swivel neck away from a perfect POTF2 repro.

Nobody asked for either of these figures, and it seems Hasbro is telling us they just don’t care.  This set gets a 2, and it’s only because I’m in a good mood.

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2/10 Bantha Skulls
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