The Phantom Attack Shuttle
Review by: Bret
Review date: 02/02/2018

I love Hasbro’s vehicles, and even though I wasn’t collecting Rebels figures at the time of this release, I nevertheless made sure to pick up the vehicles that were included in the Rebels line.  All 3 vehicles (The Phantom, AT-DP, and TIE Advanced Prototype) were “wide” releases (insofar as you could find them in this terribly distributed line), but they also were available as Target exclusives including a pack in figure.  This is the non-exclusive wide-release version of The Phantom.

I bought this back in 2014 when I found it at Target.  Finding all 3 of the ships in this wave was probably the last time I was legitimately “excited” at something I found in stores.  Most of the Black Series and 5POA figures I’ve seen since just haven’t inspired the same response.  It’s a shame, because one of my favorite things about collecting used to be The Hunt.  Now it’s kind of a robotic thing, given my (varying degrees of) completism, and all.  Nevertheless, this was so fun for me to find, that I immediately put all 3 unopened vehicles into a large carton and tucked it away for storage.  I only just now opened the box so that I could update this here gallery.

The Phantom, which I only figured out by actually watching Rebels, is The Ghost’s auxiliary vessel.  The Spectres would use The Phantom for various missions whenever necessary.  It seems to possibly have been inspired by something like the “escape pod” that Hasbro included with the BMF.  If not, it is at least reminiscent of that.  The Phantom essentially was able to operate as a standalone vehicle, and could allow the Spectres more flexibility with their missions.  During a particular mission to salvage some Clone Wars era Y-Wing bombers, The Phantom was destroyed, mostly due to Ezra being a putz.  A short time later, the team managed to secure an old CIS Sheathipede class shuttle.  The Spectres made some modifications and repainted the shuttle, and it was cleverly named The Phantom II.  Personally, I’ve always hoped that Hasbro would make a Sheathipede ship.  Such a vehicle was in The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, The Clone Wars, and Revenge of the Sith.  Now that it is in Rebels, I think it’s about time Hasbro figure this one into the line somehow.  Wishful thinking, at best, but it’s probably at the top of my list of unmade (new) vehicles.

This is a great looking vehicle, a decent toy, and an overall nice effort by Hasbro.  It seemed to indicate a return to some quality Class I or II type vehicles for Hasbro, but those hoped seemed to die out after the Rebels line, until some nice releases came along for Rogue One and The Last Jedi.  The ship is a nice size and has a quality to it that’s been missing for a while.  The plastic is firm, and the paint applications, while simple, are sharp and clean.  One thing the vehicle might benefit from is some weathering, but I can overlook that pretty easily.  The ship has quite a few features.  The cockpit window opens and fits a figure.  The body opens from the top and allows room for at least one more figure.  If the body were a bit bigger, and figures were super-articulated, it probably wouldn’t be out of the question for the entire Ghost crew to fit inside.  It would also be more accurate if there was a docking hatch on the belly, but since we have no Ghost toy yet, there’s probably no purpose for that.  It would have been nice if the back of the vehicle had a ramp.  The wings are very well done.  Each wing has a double hinge joint so that it can stay neatly compact, or can open up into a variety of “poses”.  There is also a slide-out cannon on each wing.  The top of the Phantom has a swivel cannon, with a launching missile.  The nose of the vehicle has extending double cannons.  It’s a pretty cool toy, and is a good choice by Hasbro to do this in the Rebels Class I / II vehicle line.  Now, if Hasbro is listening, please be sure to keep that Sheathipede in the back of your minds.

A fun toy, and a sharp looking vehicle.  Several features and a quality sculpt make this a worthy addition to the line.  I’m a sucker for vehicles, and I give this an enthusiastic 8.

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8/10 Bantha Skulls
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