SL06 - C1-10P
Review by: Chris
Review date: 02/09/2018

Now what old man Pressman said was, “Sic ‘em, Chopper,” but what I heard what “Chopper, sic b…”

What?  That’s the wrong movie? Well, which movie has the puking?  Stand By Me?  Really?  So which one had the farting and pooping jokes?  STAR WARS?!?  I gotta tell you, I had those backwards.  I really thought Stephen King would have been the fart guy and not George Lucas.  I’m pretty sure Stephen King wrote a story about a killer fart, but I have no time to argue about that right now. 

Okay, folks, I had 30 minutes of Teddy Duchamp jokes lined up, and I guess I’m going ot have to scrap them.  I’ll have to wing it.  So what’s the deal with Star Wars Rebels?  Animation?  More like Smanimation, right? 

Well that was just terrible.  I guess I’ll have to play it straight.  This is worse than the time that I tried sarcasm on someone with Asperger’s.. .... ....WHAT?  NO CUTAWAYS EITHER?!?  I don’t even know why I bothered coming to work today.

By now you can tell that my introduction is just the result of my overflowing enthusiams for having to review a 3POA figure.  I really have to thank Mr. Nomadscout for this assignment. Now, you might be thinking that this is a 4POA figure since the antenna rotates.  Well sir, you’re an idiot.  The antenna spins in place without changing the pose at all, and thus does not “articulate”.  FACE!  It’s a 3POA figure.  The dome rotates and there are swivel joints at the legs.  ALERT THE TOWNFOLK!  The only thing saving this figure from the dreaded “chess piece” pejorative is that it’s an astromech, which are inherently underarticulated even when they posses “Vinage Collection-level articulation”.  Two-limbed characters will naturally have fewer points of articulation, but lacking ankle swivel joints render the swivel “shoulders” effectively pointless.  The only purpose is to allow Chopper to lean forward and back.  In fairness that is somewhat of a legitimate pose for the character.  You could also pose the figure in a vague strutting position, but that is not a natural pose for the character. 

On the flip side, the detailing on the figure is fairly decent.  The kitbash nature of the actual character is nicely captured.  Chopper is reminisent of your buddy’s hooptie in high school with a mismatched quarter panel and door.  Remeber that time Chopper tried to steal a matching leg?  Yeah, that was pretty awesome.  It’s hard for me to kill this figure over a lack of articulation since astromechs do little more than just stand there.  The rotating dome allows you to provide a touch of personality when posting the figure.  I guess the biggest complaint is that for $7, Hasbro should have included attachable grasping arms for the dome, as that is when the character is most expressive.  As a display piece, I’m compelled to give this figure a 4 out of 10.  I know some may kvetch about the lack of the third leg, but that wouldn’t work in a posable figure.  When Chopper engages the third leg, the “walking” legs are off the ground.  Thus the figure would become unposable unless it came with a display base similar to WA-7.  But that really isn’t something budgeted for the “Legends” line.  As such, the omission doesn’t irk me too much.

Here’s the real rub.  Do you remember that thing called “Rebelsgate”?  It was that thing that was a thing, but a lot of people screamed in full throat that it wasn’t a thing.  Then after the dust cleared, it was totally a thing.  As a result this figure ended up being a little bit scarcer than expected.  There is a secondary market premium on this figure, but I personally feel it’s not proportionate with its scarcity, and it will be a decent collectible down the road.  Full disclosure that the follwoing link is sponsored, but I truly do feel that the collectible upside hasn’t been realized yet:

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4/10 Bantha Skulls
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