Naboo Starfighter
Review by: Chris
Review date: 12/31/2012

I was able to view this vehicle up close at New York Comic Con in 2011.  I was impressed with the updates over the 1999 version.  The most notable are the sliding cockpit and the droid slot.  For playability, Hasbro also added pop out missile launchers. on the wings.

I was really looking forward to this ship, but a year later and as of this writing, the Naboo Starfighter is damned near impossible to find at brick and mortar retail.  In a sad turn, one of the best starfighter-sized Hasbro vehicles still eludes most collectors.  Editor’s Note:  According to Hasbro at Celebration VI, none of this assortment of Class II Vehicles made it to brick and mortar outlets. They are available at triple the retail price on the secondary market, if you’re lucky to find one.  But otherwise, your best opportunity currently seems to be to snag a case of these at one of the online retailers.  Banthaskull was lucky enough to get some support from the great folks at Big Bad Toy Store, and we are able to add this excellent vehicle to our Photo Archives.

The ship looks great.  It has a flip down landing skid to help stabilize it when on the ground.  It is in a nice scale, and fits a figure nicely in the cockpit.  Besides having a full cockpit lifting door, it has a more movie accurate sliding window.  Any astromech seems to fit in the droid socket very nicely.  There is a launching missile on the underbelly, and a new action feature was added - twin hidden missile launchers on the wing engines. 

The only thing that took a step backwards was the removal of electronics, but that is expected at this price point.  It would also be unreasonable to expect a vac-metalized version, which could possible better show off the shininess that is characteristic of Naboo ships.

Overall, I give this ship a 9 out of 10.  I just wish Hasbro could do away with the rubbery plastic tail/engine cones.  I suspect they will warp over time, and that’s a shame.  Otherwise, it’s a really sleek looking vehicle, and the updates are a welcome change.  I can’t claim it’s the most actiony and exciting vehicle ever made, but it is really well done. 

I really hope these find a way to make it to mass retail.  I’d like to pick up a couple more, and would highly recommend collectors pick this up if they find one at a reasonable price.

9/10 Bantha Skulls

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