Commander Thorn
Review by: Bret
Review date: 02/05/2018

Philadelphia is probably just a pile of ashes right now, so no better time than to review another collector-grade 3.75” figure!  That statement makes no sense, but I couldn’t think of any better intro for Commander Thorn.  I mean, the Eagles have been quite a “thorn” in the side of the Giants for a while, so I guess there’s that.  I was also pretty “shocked” that the Eagles won.  There will also be a bunch of Pennsylvania State “Troopers” called in to help control the madness.  So there’s that stuff as well.  Maybe it wasn’t such a random into, after all.

We recently took a look at Black Series Phase II (blue) Clone Commander Doom.  This is essentially the same figure, with a few retoolings and, obviously, a new paint job.  Like Doom, Thorn made an appearance in the “Lost Missions” of The Clone Wars season 6.  In his episode appearance, Thorn and his troopers were protecting Padme on a trip to the planet Scipio, which was the center of a riveting banking crisis.  Nothing is quite as appealing to kids as a cartoon story about disagreements over high finance.  In any case, Thorn’s men were attacked by Droid forces.  Thorn was the last clone alive before succumbing to the attack, taking down many enemy clankers with his trust Z-6 rotary cannon before his death.

The figure is a good one.  As mentioned, it is very similar to Doom, with a few changes to the arms and helmet, as well as the sculpted chest insignia being absent here.  The sculpt is pretty good.  It looks great, and is painted very well.  There are some sharply painted details, although my sample has some overspray and bleeding edges here and there.  The helmet is particularly well done, especially with the wings on top.  After that season 1 Pittsburgh Steelers astromech, I had though the wings were some kind of homage to the Detroit Red Wings, but according to Wookieepedia, Thorn is actually a homage to Thor.  Hence, not only the winged helmet, but “Hammer”, which is apparently the nickname he calls his Z-6 rotary gun.  One issue I have with the paint is that the red is much darker than that which was used on previous shocktrooper figures.  Thorn looks a bit off when standing next to his fellow troops, which is unfortunate. 

The articulation is the same as Doom.  The figure lacks a ball-jointed waist/chest like many previous clones possessed, and the legs are hindered a bit by the sculpted kama.  This, along with the pedestrian ankle joints, prevents the figure from achieving a truly dynamic range of poses.  Nevertheless, the posability is obviously light years beyond today’s standard 5POA fare.

Thorn comes with a pair of DC-15 pistols, which fit into the holsters on the kama.  It’s a bit of a disappointment that Hasbro did not tool a Z-6.  It’s this type of oversight (or frugality) that made the Black Series a relative failure in the eyes of many collectors.

Thorn is not a bad figure, and if you like your TCW figures sculpted in the realistic style (like I do) then you probably wanted this figure. I gave Doom an 8, because the interesting and complex paint job elevated it above the baseline 7.  Thorn, however, had the important job of needing to be the same color as existing shocktroopers, and it’s a big miss.  I also thought Doom could have benefited in value with another accessory, like a rifle.  But again, here, Thorn really needed that Z-6.  While it’s basically the same figure as Doom, the same misses are more relevant to this figure, so I can only give it a baseline 7.  Proper red and a Z-6 make this an easy 9.

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7/10 Bantha Skulls
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