These Figures DO NOT Need More Retail Sunlight

Posted by Chris on 07/13 at 11:36 AM Category: Vintage Collection
Black Series First Order Stormtrooper
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Rumors are swirling that TVC 2.0 will relaunch with a wave of repacked The Force Awakens figures. These are the LAST figures that need more retail exposure. These figures are still working through the retail pipeline a year and a half after the movie's release. I spotted a fresh case of the Captain Phasma wave (dated proof below) at my local Walmart on July 11th. Worse still, at even the steep clearance price of $6, I would wager that at least one of the two Captain Phasma figures, possibly the Rey, and definitely the Finn will still be sitting there a week later. I personally purchased the First Order Stormtrooper because "why not?".

Most of these figures have thoroughly met their retail demand. If TVC 2.0 relaunches with these exact same figures (at a higher price point, to boot), it would be as if Hasbro is backing the horse into the starting gate. The line is going to falter immediately. To continue (as well as mix) this metaphor: Hasbro, you'd have to be complete horses' posteriors to think this is a wise plan. If your retail partners are the ones pushing this assortment, will you, for once, stop them from shooting the line in the foot. This TFA product has met its demand. A flashy TVC card will do nothing to move them at brick and mortar. This will end worse than the 2012 debacle. Click on the thumbs for larger versions.

Black Series First Order Stormtrooper Purchase
I had to obscure the store location because of the paparazzi. You understand.

Captain Phasma Wave
Some of these will still be in stores in spring 2018

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