Los Angeles City Council Approves George Lucas’ Museum

Posted by Bret on 06/29 at 09:15 AM Category: Star Wars Misc
After both Chicago and San Francisco turned the project down, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti (son of that Bruce Greenwood guy from the OJ Simpson TV series) was on hand for the unanimous LA City Council approval vote. Garcetti claimed the $1 billion project is the largest private gift ever to a city. The museum was designed by Chinese architect Ma Yansong. It will be located near the LA Coliseum, where the Rams currently play a terrible version of professional football until they move to a new stadium and continue to play terrible football there instead.

“The goal of the museum is to inspire people to think outside the box, to imagine whatever you want to imagine, to help build on the myths that help bind our city and our people together, and that is what I am hoping to do here,” said George Lucas.

Lucas' personal art collection includes about 10,000 items, from artists such as Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth, Thomas Hart Benton and others. There will, of course, be items from Lucas' own films, as well as from “Casablanca,” “The Ten Commandments”, and “The Wizard of Oz.”

Construction is set for next year, with a planned opening sometime in 2021, This is just in time for the release of Episode X: Still More Jedi.

You can get additional detail from Variety.

Kinda looks like the Queen's Royal Starship

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