Forget Rau.  Where’s Bistan???

Posted by Bret on 07/10 at 12:01 PM Category: Rogue One
Our friends at Jedi Temple Archives asked (rhetorically?), where's Fenn Rau?

Fenn Rau, a cartoony, cartoon character from a cartoon, has been MIA from the Rogue One 5POA main line, while his wave counterparts Admiral Raddus, Galen Erso, and LT. Sefla have all made it out of their respective hidey holes and been made available in some fashion to the public.

But nevermind that guy, we're still waiting for Bistan! You know, Bistan, who was actually in the Rogue One movie. The movie that was the most OT movie since the OT. While his screen time was short, Bistan took down an AT-ACT with a U-Wing mounted machine gun, helping the Rogue One commando team gain the time needed to transmit the Death Star plans. Meanwhile, what was Fenn Rau doing? Other stuff! In a cartoon!

Bistan was one of, if not, the most compelling alien design from the movie, and we've been waiting for a Hasbro representation of him since it was first announced, like 12 years ago.* Meanwhile, Fenn Rau is a rehash of an existing Star Wars design that we've seen a million times.

Bistan is awesome. He is the Rebels' David to the Empire's Goliath. Fenn Rau probably roots for the Golden State Warriors.

So, in summary, Hasbro: When can we have the opportunity to own a Bistan action figure? There are two acceptable answers: (1) "Very Soon," or (2) "We scrapped this 5POA version and will debut an SA version in the upcoming TVC line."


Bistan Carded
Bistan Packaged with a Shoretrooper! Does Fenn Rau come with an army builder trooper? Heck no!

Bistan unleashed - He's ready to take on the whole Empire himself, starting with that unsuspecting Shoretrooper next to him.

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