Clone Trooper
(Training Fatigues)
Review by: Chris
Review date: 11/12/2014

The 30th Anniversary gave us a lot of clones.  It gave us clones that looked like Snowtroopers.  It gave us clones that looked like Biker Scouts.  It gave us clones wearing brown polka pots and with this release, it gives us a clone in him jammies.  The intent of the figure is noble.  As had been mentioned several times now, Hasbro went to great length to keep the 30th Anniversary Collection fresh.  This slot in the Attack of the Clones wave could have gone to just another Phase I Clone Trooper, but instead Hasbro decided to give us something new on a couple of fronts.  First is the obvious in that the figure is dressed in the red training fatigues from Kamino. Second is that the likeness is not based on Temura Morrison, but is instead based on Bodie Taylor who played the younger adult clones. 

The figure itself betrays this intent to offer something new and exciting.  It’s one of the most disappointing efforts in the 30th Anniversary Collection.  If you’ve read my reviews you know that I’m a sucker for figures that pack in a lot of play value.  At first glance this figure seems like it is loaded with it, but those features don’t work that well.  Most of the armor elements clip onto the figure.  Moving the limbs of the figure causes these pieces to pop off almost like it’s a spring loaded action feature.  I know that as a child this is the type of thing that would have greatly frustrated me.  The removable helmet and chest armor do offer satisfying play value, however, but the paint applications on the helmet are crude.  Just as I could see my younger self being frustrated by the clip on elements, I admit I would have loved the helmet and chest piece.  I don’t think Hasbro could have done anything different, but the clip on shin armor looks too bulky.  It’s like the figure is wearing clone snow pants. 

For adult collector displays, the value of the figure is as a Kamino clone without those removable armor elements.  The bad news is that the underlying figure stinks.  Right off the bat fans complained because the plastic lower shirt prevented the figure from sitting.  In Episode II, the training clone was seen seated at a table eating lunch, and some fans actually wanted to recreate this.  I believe everyone should be able to collect what they like and in the manner they like, but let me say this one thing.  If you actually took the time to set up a Kamino cafeteria display, you are the worst.  Even if you ignore the sitting issue, Hasbro sculpted a fatal flaw into the left leg.  The lower leg is sculpted at an angle which means in order to stand the figure, you have to engage the knee and move the left foot back.  This of course has the effect of shortening the length of that leg and your figure is now listing to port as result. Add in the final complaint that the figure does not interact well with the included DC-15S blaster and you have a 5 out of 10 figure.

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