Clone Trooper
(7th Legion Trooper)
Review by: Chris
Review date: 11/11/2014

In 2007, we were still in the afterglow of seeing white armored troopers in large scale combat sequences.  The community as a whole loved it.  We wanted every single color scheme of clone in a super articulated format.  When we ran out of movie versions of clones we even wanted designs that were rejected from consideration for the movie.  That’s where this brown polka dot number comes in.  This design must have made it pretty far in the running before getting the ax because it appears in the Revenge of the Sith Visual Dictionary on page 44 next to the 501st Clone which did make the final cut.  Technically this figure could fall under the designation of a “concept figure”, but that would really water down the term.  Instead of some gifted and legendary artist sketching and painting an idea, this is the result of some doofus playing with color masks on a Mac. 

For some reason a concept clone was tapped for the 2007 repaint wave when we were still waiting for a definitive super articulated version of the on-screen gray 41st Elite Coruscant Clone.  The thinking may have been that a version of the 41st Elite was released in the Target exclusive Clone Attack on Coruscant Battle Pack in 2005.  That figure was not super articulated nor was it accurate.  There is a segment of the community that bristles when Hasbro goes back to a source too soon even if the original version is terrible.  Those types of collectors are know by the technical term “jerk”.  Nonetheless, this likely explains why Hasbro went so far off film for inspiration when they needed a repaint candidate that they knew would tap into the still fervent clone mania the community was experiencing.  In the subsequent years we seem to have gone the other way.  We are now suffering from clone fatigue.  Hasbro has beaten the clone theme like a rented mule for almost a decade.  Admit it.  When you look at this figure on your shelf now, you think to yourself “why on Earth did I buy that?”

Regardless of how easy of a mark we had become when it came to white armored troopers, we still have to determine if this is a good figure or not.  It’s alright, but not great.  The base figure is 2005 Evolutions mold of the 327th Star Corps Trooper.  That figure had one aspect that was immediately rejected and it persists on this 7th Legion Clone Trooper.  The removable helmet is far too large and yet simultaneously too small in one area.  The helmet looks like the figure is wearing a giant bucket on it’s head and despite this oversized accessory, the chin of the figure tends to poke out underneath the helmet.  This is the prime example cited when fans argue against removable helmet figures, but I have to admit that kids love this type of play feature.  The remainder of the figure is a passable super articulated template.  Of course now we would like ball jointed hips and wrists, but for an off-screen clone, this is good enough.  Where I have to heap ample praise on Hasbro is with the deco.  There is a dirty wash on the armor elements, a silver wash the belt and wear incorporated into the organizational marking paint apps.  Combined this produces a nicely battle worn figure.  The paint apps on the DC-15s are some of the nicest I’ve seen on a weapon.  The cocked eyebrow that would make the Rock jealous on my sample is an error and not an intentional design element.  If you still have a Clone Trooper focus to your display, this does offer a some variety and is not a jarringly dated sculpt.  7 out of 10.

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