Mosep Binneed
Review by: Chris
Review date: 05/22/2017

You know what?  This is what I want our empire to be about. Given my choice, the super articulated 3.75” collector line would be primarily focused on (1) never-before-made characters, (2) the occasional upgrade so as to make a definitive version of a main character, and (3) POTF2 upgrades (since POTF2 figures DO NOT qualify as modern figures).  That mix of figures would make me very happy but would probably bankrupt Hasbro.  As this review comes some two years after the figure’s release, we get the value of hindsight of how Mosep fared at retail.  While I would not classify this figure as a peg warmer by any stretch, it was easily accessible at brick and mortar despite coming at the end of a line, which is usually shipped in lower quantities.  If I had to grade its retail performance, I would call it “okay”.  I pray that Hasbro can make more characters like this work in the return of the Vintage Collection next year.

Mosep Binneed was one of the highest priorities in our Unproduced Character Guide, and to date, one of only three figures from our list to be realized.  We’re simply thrilled that this figure exists.  I’m personally a bonafide gallus turkakanus cantina freak.  For that reason, this figure is my newest, favoritest thing…until the next super articulated cantina figure.  But if I dare let objectivity sneak in for a minute, the figure disappoints in a few areas.  A good way for websites to stay timeless is to reference memes because memes stay popular forever.  So I will use my favorite.  Hasbro, you had one job. This figure needs to be able to sit.  This figure cannot sit.  The unforgiving plastic lower tunic prevents most of the range of motion at the swivel hip joints.  In picture number 13 above, the figure isn’t so much sitting as it is leaning like Cosmo Kramer in tight jeans. The figure sports the ultra premium rocker ankle articulation, but due to that blasted tunic, the legs do not have the range of motion to fully take advantage of it.  In Hasbro’s defense, I don’t know what other options there might have been.  The soft goods lower tunic approach used on the Vintage Collection Grand Moff Tarkin is jarring.  Splits on the sides of the lower tunic might have helped.  This has been implemented before, but truth be told, it doesn’t increase the range of motion that much.  If Hasbro’s choices were a figure that has difficulty sitting, or a fully functional figure but with garish aesthetics, I’m glad they chose the former. 

To call the accessories included with this figure “negligible” would hardly be considered hyperbole.  The accessory list consists of one tiny blaster.  This may be due to the economics of releasing such figures as mentioned in the opening paragraph.  The return on investment probably isn’t great here, so I get having to cut corners.  But it feels like a cantina glass wouldn’t have broken the budget, and should have been included.  That blaster also hits on one of my action figure pet peeves:  it has an enclosed trigger guard, but the figure does not have an independent trigger finger (to insert into said guard).  The blaster can only float in the figure’s hand.  That said, I need to circle back to the fact that it’s a miracle this figure has been made, and furthermore appears spot on accurate.  The subtle wash on the facial hair and top knot add a degree of depth.  Painting the silver accent and buckles on the gloves is a detail I never imagined to see at this scale.  While the figure might not be able to sit at table with his good buddy Takeel, it does look decent bellying up to the bar.  If Hasbro managed to give this figure a full range of motion in an aesthetically pleasing way, and included more accessories, it would have been a ten.  But with the noted deficiencies, I have to hold the score at seven.

At the time of this review, we know the Vintage Collection is soon to return.  While I would personally snap up this figure again on a glorious full color full photo card, I have to imagine going back to this source is unlikely.  If you missed it at retail, shame on you!  The secondary market will have to be your friend:

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If you think the lead-in sentences are familiar, it’s because they’re from something.  But I won’t tell.

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7/10 Bantha Skulls
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