The Bar

Cantina Bar Thumb

Okay, sorry for the crude photoshop design. I didn’t want to spend a lifetime proving how bad of a graphic artist I am while working on this. So no fancy curves. Just masculine right angles circa 1930’s Munich architecture. You’ll have to use your imagination for what should be curved elements. Also, please follow this through to the end to see how it all fits together.

So the bread and butter on this is the central section: the bar (see below or click the thumbnail to the left). It would include the bar itself, the distillery, and an area for the office at the rear of the cantina. It would probably come with a new Wuher figure. This is where many people would jump in and out their Build-A-Cantina project. A lot of casual collectors would get the bar section and be happy with it. It could easily be widely sold when A New Hope 3D is in theaters. The next section is the straight alcove.

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Cantina Bar
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